[Ovmsdev] OVMS - power drain

Nigel Jones nigel at cherrybyte.me.uk
Tue Jun 3 17:09:58 HKT 2014

Just as a quick update I thought I'd mention that I've now disconnected
OVMS from my Nissan Leaf in order to ascertain the cause of the 12V battery
drain I was seeing for several days over the weekend - to the extent of
returning after around 8 hours and being unable to even start the car

More complete details are at

I was just about to make a similar comment to the one Kevin just made in
that thread - namely that I doubt the ovms processor per se is the cause of
the drain since even in a tight spin loop due to a bug I can't imagine it's
possible to take that much power? I however wouldn't be surprised if ovms
polling the CAR bus might be keeping "things" in the car awake, which then
causes the drain.

There's also a chance it's just co-incidence.

My plan is to reintroduce the OVMS at some point where the car is going to
sit idle and not needed (working at home, or when I'm up in London by
train) and see if the problem reoccurs. Of course it may be a particular
sequence of events that gets the car into a state where it's bus is
active.. tricky to pin down.

regardless switching over to the EV bus is another option. The leafdd seems


Nigel Jones
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