[Ovmsdev] Tesla Ideal vs Rated Range

Paul Churchley paul at churchley.org
Wed Jan 29 15:17:48 HKT 2014

Thanks for that Tom,

I am wondering how best to apply that to the Ampera... indeed, to other

I have made the assumption that the ideal range was the range likely
achievable under ideal conditions. i.e. the max range you would expect to

Should we be changing the names, and indeed the purpose altogether, for
these two values? Also, EPA does not really apply in other parts of the
world where they might have their own range rating system.

I would prefer to see a more generic range estimation protocol that can be
applied across all models and that is user adjustable perhaps through

Any thoughts?

On 29 January 2014 06:11, Tom Saxton <tom at idleloop.com> wrote:

> Ideal miles is a terrible name because it implies something very different
> from what it is.
> Tesla was forced to come with a new name because the EPA changed how they
> evaluate vehicles, giving less optimistic numbers for gas mileage as well
> as electric efficiency and range. So Tesla called the new numbers the much
> more descriptive "rated range miles", while still using the "ideal range
> miles" as their estimate of what the range would be under the old EPA
> scheme.
>    Tom
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