[Ovmsdev] Motor temp does not support negative numbers (car_tmotor)

Pierre Uhl pi.uhl at bluewin.ch
Mon Jan 13 23:52:35 HKT 2014

Highest Motor Temperature on Roadster is 157°C. Then the Power will be
reduced to cool down the Motor.




Pierre Uhl


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Betreff: [Ovmsdev] Motor temp does not support negative numbers (car_tmotor)


Hi (Mark).

In ovms.h the motor temperature is defined as unsigned char (non-negative):
extern unsigned char car_tmotor; // Tmotor

Currently the weather is cold in Norway (-15 C) and I noticed that motor
temp was 244C.


Is it possible to update the car_tmotor to
extern signed char car_tmotor; // Tmotor

 in ovms.h?


Best regards


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