[Ovmsdev] Getting OVMS next week

Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield Nikki at littlecollie.com
Wed Jan 8 14:22:58 HKT 2014

Just a gentle reminder: LEAF support isn't fully up and running yet, so
don't expect a huge amount.

On Wed, Jan 8, 2014 at 12:26 AM, Paul Churchley <paul at churchley.org> wrote:

> I have ordered an OVMS kit for my 2011 Mk1 Leaf and also my 2012 Vauxhall
> Ampera. Once I get them up and running I shall be looking to see how I
> might help with development. Any suggestions please? :-)
> I have gone with GeoSIM on both.
> I will need a programmer to update the firmware... can I get one in the UK?
> My particular interest with OVMS is interfacing to other charge station
> databases such as OCM. I might be able to provide a testing server too
> (Windows or Linux) if that might help.
> Paul
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