[Ovmsdev] OVMS 101 hangout!

Tom Saxton tom at idleloop.com
Fri Jan 3 09:49:31 HKT 2014

My Google ID is tom at pluginamerica.org.

I could talk about flashing the firmware updates for non-developers.

I can also talk about using the app with the Roadster, both the iPhone app
and via SMS. I'm sure Mark would be better, but I can be backup.

I did a custom install of the OVMS antenna in the Roadster under the dash
piece above the speedometer. It gives good reception and make the antenna
part totally invisible. I can mention that and provide a link with more
detail on how to tear the Roadster dash apart.


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We've had the responses and it seems like Saturday, January 4 is the best
time and 5pm GMT is the best time for the hangout! I'm assuming those of you
in different timezones are more than happy doing the required math(s) to
ensure you're around at the right time!

Here's my outline of the event. Please step up to the plate and 'sign up' to
present different parts of the event.  I'm not expecting any one person to
run the 'complete' section, as I'm happy to be the host/compare. But I need
to know who I'm talking with mostly in that section.

Part one: What is OVMS?

- One of us, I'm suggesting Mark, should do a practical overview of OVMS,
what it does, and why it's needed, as well as the cars it currently works
with.  Ideally, some screen shots and/or live demonstrations would be good.
It's also really important to tell people how it differs from OEM's
telematics, and how/why people may want to use it instead of them.

Part two: How do I get OVMS?

- Basic walkthrough on how to get hold of OVMS kit, along with 'what you'll
need' for each main car. Talk about the various websites you can visit to
buy the hardware, and recommendations for SIM cards.  It's important in this
section to differentiate between those who want to develop/write for OVMS,
and those who just want to plug in and forget.

Part three: How do I set it up?

-- This should be a walk through from downloading the iOS and/or Android
apps to plugging the final setup into the car's ODBII port.

Perhaps we could split this into further sections:
* What will you need
* How to open up the kit
* How to put the SIM card in
* First connection
* etc etc. 
Part Four: Using and understanding the app.

Since this is partly different for each vehicle, we'd benefit from having
some Tesla, Twizy and Volt specific sections here. But open to thoughts.

Part Five: Questions

We can either have a formal Q&A at the end of the hangout, or we could
answer them throughout. My aim is to only allow those who have already
volunteered (and those who have extra stuff to add now) in on the actually
video side of the hangout. Everyone else will be able to watch.

If we meet on Saturday ten minutes before the hangout is due to start, this
should all be possible without too many problems. I will of course, need
everyone's google ID so I can invite them in.


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