[Ovmsdev] OVMS 101 hangout!

Paul Churchley paul at churchley.org
Wed Jan 1 20:51:30 HKT 2014

Nikki, I would like to join the hangout if that is OK, obviously in view
mode only :-)

Google id is: paul.churchley at gmail.com

Thanks to everyone for doing this.

Paul Churchley

On 1 January 2014 12:40, Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield <Nikki at littlecollie.com>wrote:

> Folks,
> We've had the responses and it seems like Saturday, January 4 is the best
> time and 5pm GMT is the best time for the hangout! I'm assuming those of
> you in different timezones are more than happy doing the required math(s)
> to ensure you're around at the right time!
> Here's my outline of the event. Please step up to the plate and 'sign up'
> to present different parts of the event.  I'm not expecting any one person
> to run the 'complete' section, as I'm happy to be the host/compare. But I
> need to know who I'm talking with mostly in that section.
> *Part one: What is OVMS?*
> *- *One of us, I'm suggesting Mark, should do a practical overview of
> OVMS, what it does, and why it's needed, as well as the cars it currently
> works with.  Ideally, some screen shots and/or live demonstrations would be
> good.  It's also really important to tell people how it differs from OEM's
> telematics, and how/why people may want to use it instead of them.
> *Part two: How do I get OVMS?*
> *- Basic *walkthrough on how to get hold of OVMS kit, along with 'what
> you'll need' for each main car. Talk about the various websites you can
> visit to buy the hardware, and recommendations for SIM cards.  It's
> important in this section to differentiate between those who want to
> develop/write for OVMS, and those who just want to plug in and forget.
> *Part three: How do I set it up? *
> -- This should be a walk through from downloading the iOS and/or Android
> apps to plugging the final setup into the car's ODBII port.
> Perhaps we could split this into further sections:
>    - What will you need
>    - How to open up the kit
>    - How to put the SIM card in
>    - First connection
>    - etc etc.
> *Part Four: Using and understanding the app. *
> Since this is partly different for each vehicle, we'd benefit from having
> some Tesla, Twizy and Volt specific sections here. But open to thoughts.
> *Part Five: Questions*
> We can either have a formal Q&A at the end of the hangout, or we could
> answer them throughout. My aim is to only allow those who have already
> volunteered (and those who have extra stuff to add now) in on the actually
> video side of the hangout. Everyone else will be able to watch.
> If we meet on Saturday ten minutes before the hangout is due to start,
> this should all be possible without too many problems. I will of course,
> need everyone's google ID so I can invite them in.
> Nikki.
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