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Paul Churchley paul at churchley.org
Mon Jan 13 17:12:51 HKT 2014

Now I have taken my first look at the Github I feel rather dejected. I
thought I was a reasonable PHP programmer but looking at the code for the
vehicle and server I find that I am hopelessly out of my depth from a
coding perspective. I know php so the fact it is perl doesn't help. There
is a lot of commonality but it is sufficiently different to make it
difficult for me right now. It isn't that the code is bad... it isn't bad -
it looks great! No, it is just that I think I am so out of practice
combined with it being perl I think I am not going to be as much help as I
had imagined (hoped)... well, not for quite a while anyway :-(

Still, I am sure there are many things that need doing that I can do so I
look forward to helping with those. I perhaps just need a bit of guidance
on what needs doing that I am actually able to do!

I think a crash (or not so crash!) course on perl is my starting point. My
php and general programming background will mean I pick up the basics
pretty quickly but it is the finer points that will take a while I reckon.
I'll start on that this week and then at least I might be able to
understand what has already been coded and maybe tackle bugs etc even if I
find it difficult to code from scratch.

In the meantime, I am also getting to grips with Github... it is also not
as easy as I had imagined and I am a little scared that I might do
something that corrupts the origin repo! Heeeelp! I am using command line
Git and Windows Github at the moment but I am about to install Eclipse so I
shall hopefully use that for Git instead as it is all nicely integrated.
Does anyone else use Eclipse?

I also have Visual Studio 2013 for Windows development. I am wondering if I
might be able to create a version of the phone app for Windows phones...
would that be useful? I am not a Windows developer but creating Windows
phone apps is something I would like to get to grips with so again, it
wouldn't be quick but I might be able to come up with something useful.

Something else I could probably do is a web interface (or develop the
existing one if it already exists) to bring the phone app functionality to
the web? Any use?

I am very comfortable with databases and mySQL so if there is any database
stuff that needs doing I would be keen to be involved.

There is so much for me to do to get me up and running it is almost
overwhelming! I must just take it a stage at a time. Any guidance/advice on
where you think I would be wise to start would be very much appreciated.

Any suggestions?


PS I am not trying to "muscle in" on any aspects of OVMS... I am just in
"brain-dump" mode for now until I find my place in the team... where ever
that happens to be! I am cool with doing anything I am able to do... or
nothing, if that is preferred :-)
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