[Ovmsdev] Twizy release 3.2.0, binary params, SimpleConsole

Julien (JaXX) Banchet jaxx at jaxx.org
Mon Feb 17 01:22:49 HKT 2014

Repost/reply to the ML since non-personnal and worthy, (damn reply button :-/ )

De: Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Répondre: Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Date: 16 février 2014 at 18:00:38
À: Julien (JaXX) Banchet jaxx at jaxx.org
Sujet:  Re: [Ovmsdev] Twizy release 3.2.0, binary params, SimpleConsole

> Hi Julien,
> Am 16.02.2014 16:46, schrieb Julien (JaXX) Banchet:
> > Again, « woohahaaaa!!! » I suppose, without diving into the code, that it can only switch  
> non-pre-op needing settings (recup for instance, tsmap/ramps, not power/speed),  
> and that’s a Sevcon « limitation » ?
> Yes, but I check what can be done depending on the Twizy state and do
> that -- see user manual.

Yep, gathered that from the code too since :) Lots of conditionnal checks :)

> > What can we do with the DIAG port ? I’ve read in some commits that, because of lack of memory  
> headroom, it has lost some functionality…
> > I have dozens of arduino/atmel based boards, some MiniPro sized with onboard rf12b  
> radios for extra connectivity and I would like to build an alarm system (and why not have  
> extra environmental sensors) that, with the help of the DIAG port, would send me SMS alerts  
> along with the car protecting itself on demand (Electrocution, Poisoneous Gas, abrasive  
> steel cable to cut a hand off etc…).
> > Would it be possible that the DIAG port still exposes comms with the GSM stack (if it isn’t  
> RX only) ?
> > Could it be logged to OVMS under a RT-CUSTOM-A/B/C... log ?
> >
> > Sorry but besides a few initial settings, I’m kinda bit lost to what’s possible to do  
> with the DIAG port.
> Well, that's something you better post on the list, but basically the
> DIAG port just taps the communication from GSM modem to PIC. You can
> only get output to the port by enabling the echo mode (ATE) and then
> sending something to the modem that will not work as a modem command.

I was afraid of that... afraid of tampering with the GSM module, even if it doesn’t do anything, I wouldn’t like it to get hung, and my two first SIM900 based boards (including a geogram one) haven’t given me much fate in them until now. But well.

If though I inject, intentionally, some AT commands (SMS for example), that shouldn’t be a problem right ? The OVMS wouldn’t mind ? There is potentially a risk of command collision (Would have to implement a « Not too soon or late to send anything » routine by listening the serial)

> For example a comment line starting with "#" -- I have used this for
> debug output on the DIAG port regardless of the actual DIAG mode, so I
> think you should be able to use that method to send data to an attached
> Arduino or the like.
> Caveat is the slow line speed (9600 baud), and you need to re-enable ATE
> from time to time.

Noted :)

> > JaXX
> > (Despite tweaks, though driving cool, managed nearly 80km range, almost more than  
> default)
> ...and that's also been reported by Twizy 80 drivers. Some really get
> more range, I suppose that's if the higher recuperation has a chance to
> really get at work.

I have though noticed, possibly my mind going nuts, that even though the car has been filled up, that there is some recup for the first minutes (odd since the battery being in theory full, there’s nowhere to store the energy), and sometimes, even under 90% charge, I have little to no recup for some periods… It’s mainly between a feeling and a strong impression, but I’m sharing it in case anyone else has noticed it.

> Regards,
> Michael

Julien (JaXX) Banchet

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