[Ovmsdev] Twizy SEVCON object dictionary

Julien NOZAIS julien.nozais at ext.uni.lu
Mon Dec 1 20:40:16 HKT 2014

I have been working on my thesis with my Twizy and OVMS for a few month. Among the various documents I have used, a Master Object Dictionary from SEVCON helped me a lot to understand all the parameters.

However the document I have found (on some forum) is not specific to SEVCON Gen 4, as it includes other versions of the objects and some that are not implemented in Gen 4.

I assume the work done on the twizy by you guys needed such dictionary. I am wondering if you happen to have a more recent or updated version for the Gen 4, or a *.cdf file ?

If so, would you be so kind as to send me a copy ? I went through the mailing list's archive but no one seems to talk about it. I would also be interested to know how you managed to found that document. Is it easy to get it from SEVCON or from some other source ?

Best regards,
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