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Nigel Jones nigel at cherrybyte.me.uk
Thu Aug 14 21:37:29 HKT 2014

I have OVMS installed in my leaf which is up & configured with SMS access.
I've also setup the GPRS connection and configured the server as with password MODPASS

I can login to http://www.openvehicles.com/ as user 624 with username
OPENUSER and pass OPENPASS . I have one car registered with vehicle id

In the android ovms app I fill in the parameters as

Vehicle Id: $VEHICLE
Vehicle Label: leaf
OVMS Server Password: $OPENPASS
OVMS Module Password $MODPASS
server: tmc.openvehicles.com

Where have I gone wrong as I keep getting an error to check ovms server
address or vehicle id/password

Nigel Jones
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