[Ovmsdev] [Dev] SoC from logs

Julien (JaXX) Banchet jaxx at jaxx.org
Mon Apr 28 14:17:43 HKT 2014


This could be a question for Nikki, as it has been blogged at http://www.aminorjourney.com/?p=259
But having kept all of GPS and PWR logs for the last 6/7 months, I would love to enrich my database and thingspeak (http://things.tools.jaxx.org/) charts with a SoC level field. (my thingspeak is closed off for public, don’t wanna give away my cars’ availability for robbery ;-) )

And as silly as it may sound, I can’t see how to determinate that (without issuing a Stats? command by text), it’s probably right under my nose, but hey… It’s like lego parts, you never find the part you look for until you've moved on to something else.

I’d extrapolate nice efficiency (W/km %/km) graphs

Can anyone point me in any direction?

Thanks in advance.

Julien (JaXX) Banchet

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