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The car bus has the car stuff on it (speed, gear, etc). The ev stuff has the battery, pem, etc, on it (voltages, etc). They are bridged by one of the controllers sitting on both the buses, so we can poll the EV bus from the car bus, and vice versa.

The community documentation is lousy, but the PIDs and various bus messages are now fairly well known. The LeafSpy and active-polling threads work certainly contain enough information for OVMS to work on the Leaf (at least for basic monitoring). Jury is out on whether we will be able to do stuff like lock/unlock and preheat from the car or ev buses.

Regards, Mark.

On 28 Apr, 2014, at 2:03 pm, Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield <Nikki at littlecollie.com> wrote:

> On Mon, Apr 28, 2014 at 5:54 AM, Mark Webb-Johnson <mark at webb-johnson.net> wrote:
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> Did we ever get to the bottom of the differences between the different busses? I know the EV bus and the CAN bus are on different pins....
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