[Ovmsdev] Hello, & Nissan Leaf support

Nigel Jones nigel at cherrybyte.me.uk
Wed Apr 16 00:54:54 HKT 2014

Hey there.......

I just wanted to pop in and give a quick wave... I've had my (leased)
nissan leaf Gen.1 for 2 years and love it. I've got hold of a leafdd to
keep a closer eye on battery level but am especially interested in OVMS for
monitoring/recording data in near real time.

I am aware there's no supported leaf support yet, though I do know some
work was done. There's also been some work on the CAN bus(es) by the guy
working on leafdd, and other projects over at mynissanleaf.com

I'm a developer by background, even if my current job role is more around
integration & architecture so there seemed to be a match here - has a leaf
to try, interested in getting hands dirty with the code.

So my plan is to get hold of some OVMS hardware, take a look through the
code (I have done a git clone already), review this mailing list & see how
I can contribute, specifically in terms of the leaf specific support. It's
been a while since I've had the C compiler out but it used to be my bread
and butter (mostly working on voice/telecoms systems including embedded HW,
though much more sophisticated)

Rome wasn't built in a day, and I have a full time job & other commitments
but planning to give this a shot.

It's only fair to mention I do work in IT for IBM UK, but this activity is
purely on personal time (with agreement by my employer of no conflict of

Anyway - Hi!


Nigel Jones
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