[Ovmsdev] Fwd: Sublicense of USB VID/PID Code

Mark Webb-Johnson mark at openvehicles.com
Wed Sep 4 08:01:59 HKT 2013

Pretty amazing turnaround time (<24 hours).

So, if we use microchip the VID/PID issue is solved.

If we use AVR, I have another offer (off-list) for more PIDs than we need.

Regards, Mark.

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> Subject: Sublicense of USB VID/PID Code
> Date: 4 September, 2013 3:05:33 AM HKT
> Sublicense of USB VID/PID Code
> Subject to the terms and conditions of Microchip Universal Serial Bus Vendor ID Sublicense signed agreement.
> The code assigned to you is: 
> VID: 0x04D8                                                                                                PID: 0xF5A2
> The VID/PIDs above are to be used solely with Microchip Microcontrollers.  Use with any other manufacturer devices will result in termination of the sublicense agreement.
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