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Fri Sep 27 23:39:33 HKT 2013

e best place to store very fine-grained charging stats and is mostly intere=
sted in aggregated summaries instead - basically high level info that's use=
ful from a user perspective. While
 OCM is indeed focused on charging location information we also need to hel=
p users by identifying quality/usage information (good and bad) with locati=
ons which is where comments/checkins comes in. We augment that with photos =
to allow users to illustrate stuff
 about the location. <br>
Ideally if you could look-up OCM to confirm the (OCM Reference ID) identity=
 of a charging location with the user at the time (choosing from nearest kn=
own locations?), then store that, which would help us then pull/associate d=
ata relevant to OCM later.
Ideally for us verbatim commentary would go to OCM as a normal comment/chec=
kin submission - we could provide standard URL format for full comment/phot=
o submissions etc via mobile browser - the user would then need to sign in =
to OCM normally. Obviously thats
 up to you but probably the simplest integration. We don't want to hold inf=
ormation of charging locations at private residences (someone's home) as th=
e data protection/privacy issues are too complicated.
My own view of data licensing is that its a necessary evil, one I don't hav=
e a huge amount of interest in - I'd rather defer that to experts. Privacy =
is my main concern, infringing other peoples data license is obviously unde=
sirable too, to varying degrees.
 People can get very upset about licensing, very quickly. <br>
I say go for it, make sure users know what information will become public, =
and please provide an HTTP API for querying the (shared, public) stats for =
later aggregation by OCM.
Cheers, <br>
Chris <br>


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