[Ovmsdev] App vehicle images

Christopher Cook christopher.cook at webprofusion.com
Thu Oct 24 12:28:54 HKT 2013

Hi Mark,

Regarding vehicle images - how were you thinking of handling them in the 
long term? Is there any way a vector format could be used (svg etc)? I'm 
guessing your going to do something like a masking image with a 
transparent silhouette on a given coloured background,  then overlayed 
with a semi transparent detail layer? A stack of PNGs would do the trick.

I'm also interested if the car configuration (including images), 
supported features etc could be expressed in a bundle of configuration 
files rather than code/static resources?



> Can you hold a few weeks for this? I am working on the Apps to re-work how we do the vehicle images. They are just too large (13MB+ already!), so I am working on a better way of handling the multiple colours and making it easier to add them to the Apps. Once I have this working, I'll let you know what format we need the images in.
> Regards, Mark.

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