[Ovmsdev] ODBII Error Code Resetting/Retrieval?

Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield nikki at aminorjourney.com
Mon Oct 21 16:08:56 HKT 2013

Hi Folks, 

Just wondered if reading and resetting ODB codes have ever been thought about for OVMS? Our Volt threw a couple of error codes over the weekend, and it would have been great to receive them on the phone and remotely reset them. 

In this case, the two errors were common ones which reset themselves after a few hundred miles of driving, and relate to there being a problem with communications between the car and the charging station. Apparently, the error condition can be set if you don't plug the J1772 gun into the car just right…

Anyway. A though :) 


P.S. While we're on the subject of the Volt, have we ever got a U.S. owner with OnStar to log the remote lock/unlock and pre-condition commands? I've got someone in mind I can ask to help log them if not… 

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