[Ovmsdev] CHARGEBY / CHARGEAT timing

Tom Saxton tom at idleloop.com
Fri Oct 18 13:50:37 HKT 2013

In the CHARGEAT case, can I manually start the charge and not have the ACC
code stop it?

If so, then I think the behavior you describe in both cases is correct.


On 10/17/13 6:00 PM, "Mark Webb-Johnson" <mark at webb-johnson.net> wrote:

>I'm seeking people's opinions for the ACC CHARGEBY / CHARGEAT timing
>The problem I have is to decide what algorithm to use for the case that
>people plugin after the scheduled charge time (or in the case of
>CHARGEBY, plugging in with a charge predicted to take to long to complete
>by the scheduled charge time).
>For example, say I have CHARGEAT set to 19:00:00. I get home, and plugin,
>at 19:10:00. What should we do? Schedule the charge for 19:00:00 the next
>day, or charge immediately? The logical choice seems to be charge
>immediately, but how far do we allow that 'nice' behavior to go?
>19:10:00? 20:00:00? 23:00:00? etc?
>I guess we need some threshold, but what do people think is a sensible
>value for that threshold?
>For CHARGEBY, it is slightly more complicated. Say I plugin at 18:00:00,
>with a CHARGEBY of 21:00:00, but the prediction says 4 hours is required?
>What to do? What if, for the same case, I plugin at 22:00:00?
>The current algorithm in ACC does not allow any safety threshold. If
>CHARGEAT is 19:00:00 and you plugin at 19:01:00, tough luck - the charge
>will start at 19:00:00 tomorrow. For CHARGEBY, we do check if there is
>enough time to complete the charge before the scheduled time in the same
>day - if not, we send a charge alert message and start charging
>What do people think? Remember that this is a small embedded processor
>without much ram/flash, so we need to keep things simple.
>Regards, Mark.
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