[Ovmsdev] Tom and My updates

Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Thu Nov 21 21:40:24 HKT 2013

Quite a few updates have just been pushed, and may have broken things, but so far seem ok to me.

Tom’s changes are:

add params to vehicle_minutestocharge
add #define for charge voltage assumed by ACC
add CTP SMS command
add timestamp to STAT SMS command
generalize timestring_to_mins
TR: CTP uses CAC100 for better resolution
TR: move MinutesToChargeCAC code into vehicle_teslaroadster_minutestocharge
TR: separate taper profiles for each charge mode

My changes are:

Add new polling framework to vehicle.{h,c}
Use new polling framework to implement vehicle_obdII
Extend polling framework for extended (mode 0x22) pid requests
Extend polling framework for Nissan Leaf style multi-frame requests
Change crypt_md5 to try to reduce ram usage (particular initialised ram)

I’ve also extended CAN-RE-TOOL to build a simulation framework, to help test the above and to act as a framework for future work.

I haven’t changed the VoltAmpera to use the new framework yet.

Now, the framework is stable, I can finalise the Nissan leaf polling code.

Regards, Mark.
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