[Ovmsdev] Still having major comms problems

Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Fri Nov 15 09:15:44 HKT 2013


The "A" in those log records show those to be App disconnections. It would be a "C" for car.

The server logs seem to show your car resetting cellular connection an average of 3 times a day (or put another way, managing to maintain the cellular connection for an average of 8 hours), over the past 3 weeks. By comparison, mine resets an average of 15 times a day (as I have really poor coverage at home).

If you really suspect the hardware is a problem, we can arrange to swap it. eMail me (support (at) openvehicles (dot) com) your postal address.

Regards, Mark.

On 15 Nov, 2013, at 1:24 am, Matt Beard <matt at beard.tv> wrote:

> My OVMS unit is still very flaky - to the point where it is severely limiting my ability to test the changes I have made to the iMiev code.
> The unit no longer even responds to SMS text messages.
> The most recent entries in the server logs are as follows:
> {"h_data":"#68 A got error Broken pipe","h_recordnumber":"10055","h_timestamp":"2013-11-14 12:24:51"},
> {"h_data":"#88 A got error Broken pipe","h_recordnumber":"10448","h_timestamp":"2013-11-14 12:38:00"},
> {"h_data":"#88 A got error Broken pipe","h_recordnumber":"10458","h_timestamp":"2013-11-14 12:38:18"},
> {"h_data":"#51 A got error Broken pipe","h_recordnumber":"12368","h_timestamp":"2013-11-14 13:40:20"},
> {"h_data":"#71 A got error Broken pipe","h_recordnumber":"13440","h_timestamp":"2013-11-14 14:04:25"},
> {"h_data":"#101 A got error Broken pipe","h_recordnumber":"19708","h_timestamp":"2013-11-14 16:57:57"}]
> Any ideas?

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