[Ovmsdev] Feeling brave / foolish

Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Sun Nov 10 21:18:08 HKT 2013

Feeling brave / foolish, I sat in my car with a CAN-USB adaptor and spoofed the vehicle error codes from 0 .. 999. The VDS in the car shows me the corresponding error message for each code.

Scary, but seems to work well.

I’ve now documented another approximately 200 error codes for the Tesla Roadster, and committed to github.

My personal favourites are:

720=900A discharge limit exceeded
721=863A discharge limit esceeded
722=805A discharge limit exceeded
723=300A discharge limit exceeded
724=200A discharge limit exceeded
730=750A discharge warning
731=450A discharge warning; power limited
732=300A discharge warning; power limited
733=200A discharge warning; power limited

Some things really should be treated more as a ‘target’ than an error ;-)

and also:


The vehicle ‘chime’ for that one was quite a bit different from the normal soft chime, and the use of capitol letters is unique to that message. I can only suggest that the appropriate action is to get out of the car and ‘duck and cover’, after news of recent events.

Also of particular interest are:

725=190A charge limit exceeded
726=75A charge limit exceeded
727=60A charge limit exceeded

...as Tesla Motors Club is discussing upcoming 80A Pilot Signal support for the Tesla Roadster.

0..999 covers about half the codes we’ve seen. I’ll have a go at spoofing/logging the others next weekend.

Regards, Mark.

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