[Ovmsdev] Seeking ideas for 'range' representation

Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Wed Mar 6 08:46:45 HKT 2013

Working with the guys at zerocarbonworld / openchargemap on the integration of Open Charge Map to the OVMS Apps, we are trying to find a way to represent range graphically.

The first idea was a circle, centered around the car, with the inner edge of the circle being estimated range and the outer edge ideal range (or vice versa if you are coming down the mountains on a _long_ mountain road). Plugging in the values for my car today, assuming I was somewhere in the centre of the UK, it would look something like this:

The idea is to represent the range, and then plot the charge points within (and perhaps also slightly outside) that range.

That is just one idea. What do people think? Any other suggestions?

Regards, Mark.

P.S. Work on the Apps for this has already started, so I would appreciate a quick reply. Nothing too extensive - just ideas.Thanks.

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