[Ovmsdev] DIAG port to bluetooth

Giannis Bakas giannis.bakas at iccs.gr
Thu Jun 20 21:42:03 HKT 2013

Thank you Mark for your quick reply,

I have made a connection (SPP) with a bluetooth connected to my PC from 
parrot and seems
to work fine.

My question was if DIAG port would work with a bluetooth serial adapter. 
And working on DIAG
MODE I can send SMS or MSG commands to get data like SOC, speed, gps 

Cheers Giannis

On 20/6/2013 11:56, Mark Webb-Johnson wrote:
> Giannis,
> You are having the same problem as me - we both have Parrots in our 
> cars :-)
> Work I have done on this so far:
>   * I investigated USB serial adaptors to the Parrot. The FTDI driver
>     is in the Parrot Android, but there are some problems with loading
>     it (you can hack it from the adb shell, or from an App with root
>     access). Parrot themselves say it is not yet supported, but
>     planned for future.
>   * I investigated bluetooth. Prior to the latest firmware it didn't
>     work at all. With the latest 2.1.1 firmware I have had more
>     success. I managed to get bluetooth to my Pebble smartwatch
>     working (which means I can control Parrot volume from my wrist),
>     but so far I haven't managed to get bluetooth SPP working. It
>     should work, so maybe just me,
>   * From the OVMS hardware point of view, things are not so easy. The
>     PIC18F is very limited and it is hard to get extra connections. It
>     should be possible to disconnect the connection to the modem and
>     instead go to a bluetooth module on that single ASYNC port (both
>     5v and 3.3v lines are available on the OVMS v2 board). I have
>     heard, but not tried, that it might be possible to get a software
>     async working on one of the free I/O pins - low baud rate with no
>     flow control.
>   * I am working on more sophisticated hardware with 6 ASYNC ports and
>     2 CAN buses! But, the bluetooth situation is a mess at the moment
>     (Android supports bluetooth 2.2 but not BLE 4.0, and iPhone
>     supports BLE 4.0 but not bluetooth 2.2 - good grief).
> If you don't need the modem, the easiest would be to try to cut the 
> RX+TX lines from the PIC to the MODEM and use them for your bluetooth 
> module. The comms is at 9600 baud.
> Regards, Mark.
> On 20 Jun, 2013, at 3:41 PM, Giannis Bakas wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> is it possible to use a serial to bluetooth dongle on the DIAG port 
>> of the module
>> to get data via bluetooth, requesting data with "MSG commands"? What 
>> I want
>> to do is to use OVMS like a bridge between my car and my parrot 
>> device (Android device)
>> in order to visualize the data I get to the screen. I want to avoid 
>> the SIM card and to get
>> data from the server.
>> Best regards,
>> Giannis
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