[Ovmsdev] Open Vehicles iOS 1.3.5 (20130604)

Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Tue Jun 4 20:58:14 HKT 2013

I have just released an experimental build of the Open Vehicles iOS App. This includes Open Charge Map (OCM) integration support.

Please note that there is no roll-back procedure for this build. You may be required to un-install and re-install the App again at a later stage (losing settings, and thus having to re-setup your vehicles).

We would appreciate your help with testing this build, in particular your participation in this test will allow us to get valuable feedback on any crashes experienced.

Regards, Mark.

Platform:	iOS 
Version:	1.3.5 (20130604)
Team:	Open Vehicles
Release Date:	June 4, 2013
Size:	18.0 MB
Expires:	5 months, 2 weeks

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