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Tom Saxton tom at idleloop.com
Sun Jun 2 03:02:41 HKT 2013


This all sounds great. It covers everything I want, and more. Personally, I
think three zones is plenty if you want to save some parameter space.


on 5/31/13 6:56 AM, Mark Webb-Johnson wrote:

> I've spent some time planning this, and now have the time to try to get it
> done. The observant will have noticed a new branch ACC just appeared in the
> github repository.
> This is primarily for Tesla Roadster owners, but once we work out how to do
> charge control in other cars, it will have use for them.
> The premise of what I'm thinking is a replacement for the limited charge
> control in the car, to make an Advanced Charge Control:
> We have the concept of a 'charge location'. This is an area (square, because
> it is easiest) around a GPS location. An area of 200m x 200m, centred on the
> charge location, should be sufficient for gps inaccuracies. Up to 5 such
> charge locations can be defined (I'm thinking home, work, and one other).
> Once the car enters a charge location, an action can be triggered. At the
> moment, I'm only thinking of automatic home link activation, but others are
> possible.
> When a car is turned off, while in a charge location, acc is enabled and
> current charge settings are saved.
> When a car is turned on, while in a charge location, acc is disabled and
> previous charge settings are restored.
> Features that acc should support include:
> Homelink activation.
> Cooldown (cool the car using a sequence of low amperage range mode charges) -
> this would need a minimum temperature (don't cool down unless ESS temperature
> is above this), a desired temperature (cool down until the ESS reaches this
> temperature),and a time limit (stop cooling down if we've been trying for too
> long).
> Charge mode (standard, storage, range, performance).
> Charge current limit.
> Various charge types, including:
> Charge on plug-in
> Start charge at specific time
> Complete charge by specific time
> Desired charge limit (SOC%, ideal miles/kilometers, or full)
> In addition to the charge locations, acc should be able to be turned on,
> one-off, for the current location. This should be done after the car is turned
> off, before plugging in. It will be effective until the car is turned on
> again.
> It should also be possible to use this one-off acc to override the charge
> control for the current location. This will be effective until the car is
> turned on again.
> Control, and status, is possible by SMS commands.
> Control is also possible by a new tab added to the apps. I'm going to do
> iPhone first, with the existing charge control moved to a new "Charge" tab.
> I'm not sure how to do the 'specific time'. This could be
> simple-to-ludicrously-complex. My inclination is to just put a day-of-week
> filter on each charge location - with acc only being enabled if the day
> matches. More than one location could be created for each physical gps
> location, with different day matches, to control how that would behave.
> Changes to be made include:
> Move the roadster digital speedo experimental feature to a fully supported
> features, and give it a permanent feature storage number.
> Assign five new permanent parameters, one each for five charge locations
> (home, work, other, or whatever they want to be known as - we just call them
> #1, #2, #3, #4 and #5).
> The parameter storage for these new locations includes the charging
> preferences for each location.
> We would also need a parameter for time zone.
> Add a new module called "acc".
> If "acc" detects we are at a known charge location, it will take over the
> charge control from the car.
> The "acc" will also support commands for the current location, and will be
> able to take over charge control from now until the car is next driven.
> Please let me have your comments / suggestions. I'll handle the coding, but
> I'll need lots of help testing.
> Regards, Mark.
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