[Ovmsdev] Volt issues.

Michael Jochum mikeljo at me.com
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And.... You Must Set Feature #15. CAN Write to 1


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Am 27.07.2013 um 22:20 schrieb Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield <nikki at littlecollie.com>:

> Correction: I've got 2.3.3/VA/V2 
> On 27 Jul 2013, at 21:18, Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield <nikki at littlecollie.com> wrote:
>> Hey folks, 
>> Finally got the Volt today -- a replacement for our Twizy -- and so got to putting OVMS in the car. 
>> The first thing we did was ref lash the module with the latest 2.3.2 firmware. Then checked that it was set to VA in vehicle type. 
>> Logging into OVMS and texting the module gets a response. I'm even picking up the VIN number from the car..
>> But what I'm not getting is the battery SOC, nor does the parking timer appear to be correct. 
>> Thoughts? I've got quite a few Ampera/Volt folks in the UK who would like to install, and I said I'd go first. 
>> Nikki.
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