[Ovmsdev] Ampera remote start/stop function

Rens Meijer r.meijer at atlantis-it.nl
Sat Feb 16 07:56:41 HKT 2013


Last week I received the OVMS V2 module to monitor my Ampera. I already had an OVMS V1 module to monitor the Tesla Roadster, so it works nicely from 1 app.

In winter I like the remote start/stop function of the Ampera to pre-heat the car.

I found this Youtube that in the US it is possible with the OnStar system to remote start/stop the car. See at 2.21 in the movie.


Has somebody already made a CAN bus log during the remote start/stop by using the remote control? If you are able to find the sequence, how easy would it be to configure the current home buttons in the app to implement the start/stop function?

I would like to hear your thoughts on this?

Best Regards,


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