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Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
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I'm tempted to forward your color experiments to the german Twizy 
forum... :-)

Try adding a 1-2 bit feathering on the magic wand selection for the 
colour mask, that should eliminate the remaining border.


Am 06.02.2013 15:30, schrieb Mark Webb-Johnson:
> I've spent some time trying this tonight.
> I took the basic twizy image, magic wand selected the paint colour 
> part of the vehicle, then cut and paste that as a new layer. I then 
> converted the paint colour layer to grayscale.
> Next, using the colorise filter, applied to the grayscale paint layer, 
> I tried colouring it with a colour wheel. It worked beautifully. I 
> could generate all the possible colours, and the paint highlights and 
> shadows looked really good.
> I'll now see if I can do this programatically in iOS. If I can, we can 
> dramatically reduce the amount of artwork required for each vehicle. 
> Just a couple of base image layers and a 4-byte ARGB code for each 
> standard vehicle (plus a colour wheel for users to choose their own 
> custom colour).
> Proof of concept - some colour suggestions for Renault:
> Base grayscale layer:
>  +  =
> Colorised:
> Regards, Mark.
> On 25 Jan, 2013, at 8:13 PM, Mark Webb-Johnson <mark at webb-johnson.net 
> <mailto:mark at webb-johnson.net>> wrote:
>> We've had this request a few times, and it would be great to do.
>> I've been wondering if there is a generic way to do this, but not 
>> being in any way proficient with photoshop, I'm not sure if it is 
>> possible. Can we somehow have a base layer of the solid bits of the 
>> car, then an overlay layer colour mask. Then, somehow apply a colour 
>> slider to the colour mask layer to generate the different colour 
>> variations of the car? That way, we would only need 1 image for each 
>> car (ok, two images: a base layer and a colour layer), but could 
>> generate any colour we want in the App itself (including custom 
>> colours) just with a colour-wheel (as well as provide stock colour 
>> choices). Rather than the current approach of just an image filename, 
>> this would become a base vehicle type and RGB colour selection. Any 
>> photoshop experts know how to do this?
>> That wouldn't solve the problem of custom car artwork, which we would 
>> still have to allow for, but would (a) dramatically reduce the number 
>> of images for each car required, and (b) allow for custom colour 
>> variations.
>> Regards, Mark.
>> On 25 Jan, 2013, at 6:33 PM, Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield 
>> <nikki at littlecollie.com <mailto:nikki at littlecollie.com>> wrote:
>>> A feature which would be nice is for owners to add their own JPG 
>>> image for his or her own car. Could be a nice personalisation touch...
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>>> On 25 Jan 2013, at 10:13, Nikolay Shishkov <nshishkov at yahoo.com 
>>> <mailto:nshishkov at yahoo.com>> wrote:
>>>> Thanks - I was wondering why the car images were so sharp... now I 
>>>> know.
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>>>> Nikolay,
>>>> Here are the contents:
>>>>     8.0KAndroidManifest.xml
>>>>     116KMETA-INF
>>>>     1.3Mclasses.dex
>>>>      13Mres
>>>>     100Kresources.arsc
>>>> The App is 1.3MB, and the resources 13MB.
>>>> Of that, 11MB are the graphics for the cars.
>>>> I am working on a framework where we don't have to deliver those 
>>>> with the Apps (iOS and Android), but downloaded them from the web 
>>>> after installation. That will also allow us to upload new car 
>>>> graphics without having to change the apps.
>>>> Regards, Mark.
>>>> On 25 Jan, 2013, at 5:41 PM, Nikolay Shishkov <nshishkov at yahoo.com 
>>>> <mailto:nshishkov at yahoo.com>> wrote:
>>>>> Is there any good reason why the app size is 12MB?
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