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Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Fri Feb 1 21:16:52 HKT 2013

Beta #2 of the new OVMS Android App is now available. You can side-load the APK directly onto your Android device at:


Note that you will have to permit installation of Apps from unknown sources (not the Play store) in Settings, to be able to side-load this.

Change log for this version (since beta #1) includes:

Fix for estimated range label
Enable twizy graphics
Fix labels on vehicle info screen
Fixes for imperial units

Once we have completed the beta phase of testing, we will release this to the Android Play store.

Some notes, based on feedback:

Rotation: This version is fixed portrait-only (by design). I realise that this is not optimal for tablets, but our focus has been getting the UI to work on phones of all resolutions.
Range: The reported problem of "Ideal Range" being shown twice is fixed.
OVMS Quick View Widget: This Android-only feature of the old app has been dropped (for the moment). The implementation required the App to stay open and to maintain server connections, which is not ideal. We may revisit this later (it is certainly a neat feature), but our emphasis at the moment is getting to feature comparability with the iPhone App. [P.S. If anyone wants to add it back - go for it - just not high up on our list at the moment]
Vehicle Info: Some obvious spelling mistakes have been fixed.
Twizy Parking: I think this will be fixed by a change to the vehicle firmware for Twizy. Working with Michael B on this.
Push Notifications: There appear to be some issues with showing these while the notification tab is open, and sometimes we are getting duplicates. We are still looking into this.
Parking Timer: The display for this could still be improved.
App Size: The reason is the graphics. We're working on a better way of doing this, but at 12MB it is workable.

Regards, Mark.

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> From: Mark Webb-Johnson <mark at webb-johnson.net>
> Subject: Android App
> Date: 21 January, 2013 9:57:34 PM HKT
> To: OVMS Developers <OvmsDev at lists.teslaclub.hk>
> I'm glad to be able to (finally) announce that the new Android App is finally ready for public beta. We're calling it v3.1.1.
> The source code is all in github (for the brave), and there is an APK that can be side-loaded on Android devices, via this link:
> http://www.openvehicles.com/downloads/OVMS.3.1.1.beta.apk
> Functionality wise, it is pretty much on a par with the iOS App. All the core functions are there and, most importantly, the virtual car layer is complete and up-to-date. We've got HOMELINK support (yay!) as well as all the new function and parameter settings. It does have the artwork for the Volts and Amperas, but no Twizy yet (sorry, that slipped through the cracks, but we'll get it in the next build). The App should support any 2.3+ Android phone, and should scale its displays to pretty much any resolution out there. Tablet support is implemented by making them look like big phones.
> There are a few things still incomplete (as previously pointed out at the start of this project):
> No social group support on the map
> No cellular usage
> Some recent artwork missing (this is easy, and will come in the next beta release)
> These will come, but weren't considered essential for this first release. The most important is to get the Android App up to the same level of functionality as the iOS App, so that they can both be brought forward.
> I think if you want to install this, you first need to uninstall the Play store version. You will probably have to re-setup your vehicle as well. If you have problems with the beta, you can always uninstall it, and roll-back to the Play store version.
> Please send feedback back to this list.
> Regards, Mark.

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