[Ovmsdev] Problems with GPRS initialization

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Thu Dec 19 13:34:04 HKT 2013

I might have told you backwards.  From the manual:

Enable or Disable GPRS Data access

The OVMS module includes a hardware switch that enables or disables the GPRS data mode, which is used by the smartphone Apps. The switch is on the main board (which is on top and smaller) along the inside edge. See the red arrow in the photo at the top of the next page.

Sliding the switch towards the LED lights will disable GPRS data. Sliding it away from the LED lights will enable GPRS data. If you will solely be using text messages to communicate with the OVMS module, then you should slide the switch to disable GPRS data communication. If you will be using a smartphone App, then make sure the switch is set to enable GPRS data communication.


On Dec 18, 2013, at 8:23 PM, ovmsdev.adelman at adelman.com wrote:

>    I previously had a v1 module on my 2.0 Tesla Roadster, and decided to upgrade
> to a v2 module. I'm having no such luck.
>    I pulled the SIM card from the old module (AT&T GoPhone in the
> USA), installed it in the new, put it in the car, and provisioned with
> SMS from my own cellphone (REGISTER, PASS, SERVER mypass,
> GPRS WAP.CINGULAR - -, MODULE US549 M SMSIP TR) I set all of the
> feature codes the same as my previous v1 module. When I query it with "GPRS?"
> I get back APS: WAP.CINGULAR, User:, Pass:, GSM:AT&T, GSM:OK, and Server: Not Connected.
> Sometimes I see "Server: Not Connected (0x0041)".
>    DIAG shows RED Led:7, GREEN Led: 5, NET State: 0x0041, 12V Line:11.6 ref=0.6,
> Crashes:1 ..last: RI - 240.
>    I'm stumped. Any suggestions on how to debug why this module won't connect
> via GPRS?
>    I've tried power-cycling...
>                                    Ken
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