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Paul Churchley paul at churchley.org
Wed Dec 18 12:11:08 HKT 2013


Nikki, Kevin Sharpe and a few others know me but for everyone else... I
live near Plymouth, Devon, UK, and I am very interested in OVMS. I have had
a Leaf  for 2 1/2 yrs (delivered same day as Nikki IIRC) and a Vauxhall
Ampera for 1 1/2 yrs. I am an experienced programmer but very out of
practice and I run my own small web development/hosting company. So I am OK
at web site development (not so good at design - no artistic talent at
all!) in LAMP as well as Microsoft stuff (WinSvr, MSSQL etc & I have MCSD,
MCSE, MCDBA). As I say, I am up to speed with LAMP/WAMP and web/hosting
stuff and I am pretty good with databases but as far as programming goes I
would say I am mostly out of practice so what I do I do slowly! I am sure
I'd pick up speed with practice though but I wouldn't suggest I tackle
anything major just yet!

I am not sure how I can help but as I have both a Leaf and Ampera I would
like to help out where I can... no matter what it is. I picked up on Nikki
possibly doing a hangout on OVMS 101 which might be great for me as I know
pretty much nothing right now so I thought I'd say hi and make myself known.

As I say, I know pretty much nothing about OVMS, CAN busses or anything
else but keen to learn and as I am self-employed with very little work
right now I have a fair bit of time to offer.

So, I hope that Nikki does the OVMS 101... I'll be there! In the meantime,
if there is anything I can do please say.

Paul Churchley

On 15 December 2013 14:17, Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield
<nikki at aminorjourney.com>wrote:

> HI folks,
> Yesterday, I held a quick hangout showing people how to upgrade the
> firmware on V2 hardware. I shared it onto YouTube.
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXaRWT8LAmY using the TransportEvolved
> account (the site I own/write for… www.transportevolved.com)
> Several folks asked if we could hold a hangout explaining how to use OVMS
> from the start. Maybe we could arrange something here with a couple of
> folks on board? I’d be happy to ‘drive’ the desk as it were, if other
> people were happy to help explain stuff etc?
> We’ve got a lot of noobs now wanting to take part in the project, which is
> excellent, but a YouTube primer may give us all some extra ground for the
> project.
> Second, (for Mark) You said you were hoping to have alpha code for the
> LEAF today. If you do have it, would you be willing to package it up for me
> (I don’t have the compiling tools on hand so pre-packaged .hex files work
> best for me)?
> I’m going on a fairly long Xmas trip in a few weeks, so it’d be a good
> chance to put OVMS through its paces.
> Third, I’ve heard from some users who say they can’t get the Pickit 2/3
> working with the software now available online, because the required
> libraries aren’t available any more…. Thoughts?
> Nikki.
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