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Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield nikki at aminorjourney.com
Wed Dec 18 04:06:01 HKT 2013

Okay guys. 

I’ve done a couple of quick tests with the new beta software. 

First up, it installs (Which is good, of course) Second up: I was able to drive around the block and see some SOC reports. What did appear to happen is that SOC dropped and then went back up again. I had values from 27% SOC down to 14% SOC to Empty and back up to 22% SOC.  I’d guesstimate my real SOC was nearer 45%.  (Although I didn’t check with LEAFSpy)

Of course, I need to check the other bits and bobs too — Park/Drive status seems to work with the car on — but with the module rebooted, it forgets what was previously on. This is a problem I believe with the LEAF CAN bus, which turns itself off when parked. I’m guessing we’ll need to figure out a way to wake up CAN and then switch back off again? (That said,I think it’s supposed to stay on when charging… and I’m currently charging)

I’ll play a little more tomorrow and throughout the rest of the week. I’ll also try and get some decent logs if I can. 


On 17 Dec 2013, at 14:16, Mark Webb-Johnson <mark at webb-johnson.net> wrote:

> Attached is a first-run at Nissan Leaf support, with a few values read from the bus passively:
> Speed
> Headlight status
> Park / Drive status
> I’ve also pushed this to github (along with a large number of other small changes).
> The Nissan Leaf support is proving really hard for me. I don’t have the car, or much CAN bus data, and the public documentation is contradictory and incomplete. End result is that I am just guessing, and completely unable to test my guesses.
> Anyway, please try it and let me know if any of those figures show up with any sense of accuracy at all.
> Going forward, I really need some CAN bus dumps from a Nissan Leaf. Specifically:
> Car idle
> Car plugged in and charge started
> Car charging
> Charge interrupted
> Driving
> Driving as close to a constant speed of 10 kph as possible
> Driving as close to a constant speed of 20 kph as possible
> Driving as close to a constant speed of 30 kph as possible
> Car parked, but on
> Car parked, coming out of park into drive gear
> Car stopped, coming out of drive gear into park
> Car in park gear, then handbrake applied
> For each of those, both with and without a T connector and LeafSpy running would be helpful.
> I’m guessing the logs can be gotten from monitor-all mode with an OBDII adaptor. There is not too much data on the can bus and that should be fast enough.
> If anyone can help with the above, please let me know.
> Regards, Mark.
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