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Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Mon Dec 16 14:25:36 HKT 2013


That would be really wonderful to do, and with your setup relatively easy.

Only issue may be timing. I'm heading off on Thursday for a few weeks, and will have pretty lousy and unreliable Internet upload bandwidth. Only getting back to civilisation (as defined by >256kbps upload bandwidth) early January.

Regarding the Leaf, I'm pretty close to having something working - I'll make you a .hex file and send a link to the list. Without the car, it has proven to be extremely hard work (I'm having to write a simulator as well as the car module, and have no ability to properly test either). We really need to find someone enthusiastic who can help with the actual coding of this (but who has the car). I'm convinced we can technically get the entire functionality of something like leafspy into the module and apps, but it will be take some trial-and-error to get there.

Regards, Mark.

On 15 Dec, 2013, at 10:17 pm, Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield <nikki at aminorjourney.com> wrote:

> HI folks, 
> Yesterday, I held a quick hangout showing people how to upgrade the firmware on V2 hardware. I shared it onto YouTube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXaRWT8LAmY using the TransportEvolved account (the site I own/write for… www.transportevolved.com) 
> Several folks asked if we could hold a hangout explaining how to use OVMS from the start. Maybe we could arrange something here with a couple of folks on board? I’d be happy to ‘drive’ the desk as it were, if other people were happy to help explain stuff etc? 
> We’ve got a lot of noobs now wanting to take part in the project, which is excellent, but a YouTube primer may give us all some extra ground for the project.
> Second, (for Mark) You said you were hoping to have alpha code for the LEAF today. If you do have it, would you be willing to package it up for me (I don’t have the compiling tools on hand so pre-packaged .hex files work best for me)? 
> I’m going on a fairly long Xmas trip in a few weeks, so it’d be a good chance to put OVMS through its paces. 
> Third, I’ve heard from some users who say they can’t get the Pickit 2/3 working with the software now available online, because the required libraries aren’t available any more…. Thoughts? 
> Nikki. 
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