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Christopher Cook christopher.cook at webprofusion.com
Thu Dec 12 14:24:21 HKT 2013

Hi Mark,

Yes, that sounds right in terms of what we (OCM) would want to present to the user (and currently do).

OCM can take care of the import into OCM if OVMS makes an API available into the more fine-grained charging status data, rather than needing to push from OVMS. We would probably add something to OCM to display this aggregated info as a single anonymous summary of stats, rather than showing individual charging events. I could well imagine systems such as plugshare/recargo would be interested in the data (more from a commercial perspective).

In OCM we attempt to classify charging success/failure in check-ins by having a table of common statuses, with mixed success:

ID    Title    IsPositive    IsAutomatedCheckin
0    Did Not Visit Location    NULL    0
10    Charged Successfully    1    0
15    Charged Successfully (Automated Checkin)    1    1
20    Failed to Charge (Equipment Not Operational)    0    0
22    Failed to Charge (Equipment Not Fully Installed)    0    0
25    Failed to Charge (Equipment Problem)    0    0
30    Failed to Charge (Equipment Not Compatible)    0    0
40    Failed to Charge (Required Other Access Card/Fob etc.)    0    0
50    Failed to Charge (No Charging Equipment Present)    0    0
100    Charging Spot In Use (Other EV Parked)    1    0
110    Charging Spot In Use (Non-EV Parked)    0    0
120    Charging Spot Not Accessible (Access locked or site closed)    0    0
130    Charging Spot Not Found (Inadequate or Incorrect Details)    0    0
140    Equipment & Location Confirmed Correct    1    0
200    Other (Negative/Bad)    0    0
210    Other (Positive/Good)    1    0

Other reference data (connectors etc) can be seen via the API: http://api.openchargemap.io/v2/referencedata/

We do support the concept of an anonymous checkin via HTTP Post of a JSON formatted message to the OCM API but I think we'd probably require an API key for those submissions going forward (we don't currently). This theoretically allows other apps/systems to post comments/checkins directly from their own UI.


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>From a user point of view, what do we need?

I guess, for each station:

a) An indication of when someone last charged successfully
b) A 'star' style rating system to tell me how reliable it is
c) Pictures
d) Instructions
e) Comments

I think OVMS can help with (a) and (b) primarily.

Regards, Mark.

On 12 Dec, 2013, at 1:45 pm, Christopher Cook <christopher.cook at webprofusion.com<mailto:christopher.cook at webprofusion.com>> wrote:

Hi Mark,

>From my personal point of view this all sounds good, OCM is probably not the best place to store very fine-grained charging stats and is mostly interested in aggregated summaries instead - basically high level info that's useful from a user perspective. While OCM is indeed focused on charging location information we also need to help users by identifying quality/usage information (good and bad) with locations which is where comments/checkins comes in. We augment that with photos to allow users to illustrate stuff about the location.

Ideally if you could look-up OCM to confirm the (OCM Reference ID) identity of a charging location with the user at the time (choosing from nearest known locations?), then store that, which would help us then pull/associate data relevant to OCM later.

Ideally for us verbatim commentary would go to OCM as a normal comment/checkin submission - we could provide standard URL format for full comment/photo submissions etc via mobile browser - the user would then need to sign in to OCM normally. Obviously thats up to you but probably the simplest integration. We don't want to hold information of charging locations at private residences (someone's home) as the data protection/privacy issues are too complicated.

My own view of data licensing is that its a necessary evil, one I don't have a huge amount of interest in - I'd rather defer that to experts. Privacy is my main concern, infringing other peoples data license is obviously undesirable too, to varying degrees. People can get very upset about licensing, very quickly.

I say go for it, make sure users know what information will become public, and please provide an HTTP API for querying the (shared, public) stats for later aggregation by OCM.


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