[Ovmsdev] Fwd: Open Vehicle 3.2.1 (20131211) is now available

Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Wed Dec 11 17:25:02 HKT 2013

A good day.

OVMS Android App v3.2.1 is now released to beta test. You can get it from testflightapp:


We’re using TestFlightApp for both iOS and Android Apps, so it would be helpful if you could register there. If you do, you’ll get notified of new builds as and when they are released.

As with the iOS App, we’ve had sponsorship and support from Zero Carbon World for this:

Charging station integration and information provided by Zero Carbon World (http://www.zerocarbonworld.org/open-charge-map) and the Open Charge Map project (www.openchargemap.org).

Let me have feedback / problems via testflightapp or here. It is a beta #1 build, but is functionally complete. The only known issue is a 20 second delay when a new car is setup (or the first time the app is run), for charge station data to be downloaded.

Regards, Mark.

> 	 Open Vehicle 
> Version 3.2.1 (20131211)	                                                       
> (open this email on your Android 2.3+ Device and click the install button) 
> What's New 
> v3.2.1 OVMS for Android, with Open Charge Map integration - beta #1
> * 67dd173 Disable two-finger rotation gesture for map
> * 79b70dd Dont show undefined number of charging points as "null"
> * f813df7 Revise clustering factors, to improve usability choices
> * d1786ca Tidy up layout of setting dialog
> * d37d9c7 OCM integration, rough draft
> Details 
> Platform:	 Android 
> Version:	 3.2.1 (20131211)
> Team:	 Open Vehicles
> Release Date:	 December 11, 2013
> Size:	 13.4 MB

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