[Ovmsdev] GeoSIM problems receiving SMS

Nikolay Shishkov nshishkov at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 26 22:39:00 HKT 2013

Thanks Håkon, 

The problem is only with receiving SMS on a device having the GeoSIM card. 
The funny thing is that the Global profile has an SMSC that is located in Italy - it is a +39 number...

I will ask the GeoSIM customer support the complicated question.


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According to http://www.globalsimcard.co.uk/Data_rates.php GeoSIM have a roaming agreement with Sweden to Telenor (Vodafone), Telia Mobile (TeliaSonera), Tele2 and H3G.
However, this does not always mean that a service provider comply on all mobile- and tele-services.

It is a bit strange, because GeoSIM's present SMS cost from-Sweden-to-Sweden on their website:

To send a text message (SMS)    

on Sweden Comviq Mobile - Tele2 (COMVIQ)
    £0.15 ($0.23)
on Sweden Telia-m Mobile - Telia Mobile
    £0.15 ($0.23)
on Sweden Vodafone Mobile - Telenor (Vodafone)
    £0.15 ($0.23)

SMS utilizes the networks signalling capacity (MobileApplicationPart signaling), which lacks of charging abilities.
Operators which exchange signaling usually clearing their accounts (pay each other), both with national and international signaling.

BThe  CallDataRecords (CRD) from SMS are made in the SMS-Center, not by the signalling data.
If e.g. a UK-service provider sign a roaming agreement with operators in Sweden, their SIM-cards are allowed to "log on" (location update) the Swedish network.

Sending an mobile originated SMS will then load the signaling links from Sweden to UK, where it's SMSC is located, but the Swedish operator will not make any money, only have additional expenses due to increased signaling load.

That is why many operators have blocked their SMS signaling unless the operators/service provider have signed a special SMS-agreement.

So for your case, I think you have to ask GeoSIM customer care, if they (still) support roaming in Sweden (MobileOriginated-SMS and MobileTerminated-SMS).

Also try all the mentioned operators (Telenor, Telia and Tele2).


2013/8/26 Nikolay Shishkov <nshishkov at yahoo.com>

Hi all, 
>I got my GeoSIM last week and has some time testing it during the weekend.
>I could not get it to receive SMS - it can send sms, it can make calls, and receive calls.... but no receiving...
>I tested in two different handsets (apart from the ovms v.2 hardware) and tested sending from two different operators here in Sweden. No luck. 
>The profile is Global (as it should be) the SMSC number is as it should be...
>I created support ticket and am waiting for action.
>Any advice?
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