[Ovmsdev] Restructuring build configs

Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Mon Aug 26 08:41:43 HKT 2013

We're now up to 11 vehicle modules, and flash memory space is getting very tight. We already can't build all modules with all features, and I don't want to have to limit what we can do.

Accordingly, I'm splitting the master project build arrangements as follows:

V1_Experimental will dropped (V1 features are all production now).
V1_Production will be Tesla Roadster only, with as many features as we can fit in.
V2_Experimental will be for the experimental (non-production) vehicles, base features.
V2_Production will be for production vehicles, base features (currently this will be none, Tesla Roadster, Volt/Ampera and Renault Twizy).
V2_TR_Production will be for Tesla Roadster, full features.
V2_RT_Production will be for Renault Twizy, full features.
Other private V2_??_Experimental build configs can be used by developers for their own work.
As other vehicles make it to production status, and have optional extended features, they will get their own V2_??_Production build configs.

I think that this approach brings several advantages:

We clearly label vehicle support as Production or Experimental.
Experimental work can continue with little impact on Production.
For vehicle modules that have a lot of functionality (needing flash space), spinning them off to their own build config gives them the full range of flash to work from.

The firmware in new modules from China will be based on V2_Production.

I plan to commit these changes sometime this week, along with the ACC code that I'm testing in my car now. The logging code also looks stable, and will make it into production with the next release. I've been running this release in my car for about 10 days now, and things are looking good - very very stable with zero crashes and good recovery from poor GSM/GPRS signals.

Regards, Mark.

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