[Ovmsdev] CAN transmit problems - Think City vehicle_thinkcity.c

Håkon Markussen hakon.markussen at gmail.com
Mon Aug 26 03:59:56 HKT 2013


I've met a problem to which I need some help.

I need to request some parameters from one ECU, and try to transmit on the can-bus from the OVMS-module.
Whatever I do, the sys_features[FEATURE_CANWRITE] is always "0" and the transmission will never take place.

I have tried to set the sys_features[FEATURE_CANWRITE] to "1", but as explained in the dev-doc, the TXB0CONbits.TXREQ will never go true and the module will reboot.

The receiver of the request (RX-part) works fine, I've tested that by transmitting manually with PCANView.
I have tried to put the TX-statements in the poll1, ticker1 and currently; in an idle poll (as in vehicle.teslaroadster.c) which has a hook in 
vehicle_fn_idlepoll = &vehicle_thinkcity_idlepoll;

I've debugged a bit and found that:
sys_features[FEATURE_CANWRITE] = 0 
right before the if-test begin.

I would be happy if anyone have some helpful hints :-)

BOOL vehicle_thinkcity_idlepoll(void)
  if (sys_features[FEATURE_CANWRITE]>0)
    while (TXB0CONbits.TXREQ) {} // Loop until TX is done
    TXB0CON = 0;
    TXB0SIDL = 0b01100000;  // msg 753 03 22 49 67
    TXB0SIDH = 0b11101010;
    TXB0D0 = 0x03;
    TXB0D1 = 0x22;
    TXB0D2 = 0x49;
    TXB0D3 = 0x67;
    TXB0DLC = 0b0000100; // data length (4)
    TXB0CON = 0b00001000; // mark for transmission
return FALSE;

Best regards
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