[Ovmsdev] Data logging

Mastro Gippo gipmad at gmail.com
Tue Aug 20 20:50:31 HKT 2013

Mark, thank you very much for the prompt reply.

> So, if you need to stream all CAN bus data, I would be doubtful whether the hardware could meet your requirements. In particular, the GPRS limitation. To do it properly, you would need 3G/4G speeds and a large data buffer.

I will not send all CAN data, but just the important bytes; it looks
like I need about 60 bytes of data per second, including the IP
overhead it should be less than 150bytes per second, shouldn't be a
problem for GPRS. The small RAM is a bigger problem when I don't have
GPRS connection, so maybe an SPI flash or SD may be added as a buffer.

I will experiment and see what the best options are.
Thank again
Mastro Gippo

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