[Ovmsdev] ACC and others

Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Mon Aug 5 12:38:40 HKT 2013

Just a short note on progress.

I managed to get a lot done over the weekend. Working with Tom on some misc functions for ACC, and all looks good so far. Basic ACC location management is done, and I've worked out a way of using base64 to encode the ACC structures into our limited 32byte parameters. Seems to work quite well - very lightweight (we already have base64 for the comms protocol), and very expandable.

I'm now just trying to pull everything together to get cooldown working. Once that is working, I'll commit (even in that unfinished form). Logging (drive and charge) is already done, and part of this. Flash space is getting concerning (approaching 95% now, for experimental with all vehicles), so we'll have to address that once ACC is out.

I'm getting a rather large backlog of other requests now (put aside due to ACC work, trip to USA for TESLIVE, and horrendous day job hours). Once the basic ACC is committed, I'll be able to spend some time to try to work through that. Apologies for the delays (to anyone waiting for me).

Regards, Mark.

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