[Ovmsdev] v2.5.2

Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Tue Aug 27 22:05:09 HKT 2013

I've just pushed to github the code for v2.5.2. This includes a workable ACC module, as well as a bunch of bug fixes. It also includes a re-working of the cooldown feature in the Tesla Roadster, based on many a hot evening spent in my car with a CAN USB adaptor and laptop.

For the Tesla Roadster, I managed to find two new id#100 messages related to HVAC - 0x87 and 0x9A. This is now used by the cooldown feature to track HVAC usage and try to make it work better.

		HVAC message 0x87 and 0x9A are enabled with:
			102 06 D0 07 00 00 80 00 08
		and disabled with:
			102 06 10 27 00 10 00 00 00

		B2=Toutside (outside temperature, celcius)
		B3=Tmaxbrick (ESS temperature, celcius)
		B4=Tcoolant (coolant temperature, celcius)
		B5=Requested cooling %
		B6=Received cooling %
		B7= LSB \ Compressor RPM
		B8= MSB /

                B6=? [ seems to be refrigerent pressure (scaled with ~/4) but not certain ]
                B7=TcabinOutlet (celcius)
                B8=? [ seems to be outside temperature (celcius) ]

The build configs are restructured, as previously announced.

Currently, I haven't been able to fit either LOGGING or ACC in the V1 module firmware - it is just too big. I'll keep working on this, as it would be good to get at least ACC in that firmware.

One caveat: this is largely untested and probably very buggy - which is why I haven't done binary builds yet. I'll test and debug over the next couple of days and then release binaries when I've got something working well.

Regards, Mark.

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