[Ovmsdev] Release Firmware

911carrera4 911carrera4 at bluewin.ch
Tue Apr 16 02:54:05 HKT 2013

Hi Mark

Just flashed my OVMS with your experimental github  version 2.3.1
The App works fine, but the  SMS shows some difference in comparison to what
it looked like with the previous firmware: the ODO and the CAC  values have
different formats. ODO: I think it's in miles now and before it was km. CAC:
now it's reported correctly with 3 digits - point - 2 digits.


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on 4/14/13 11:03 PM, Mark Webb-Johnson wrote:

> Seems to be that you and I are the only Tesla Roadsters on tmc server 
> that are running v2.3.1 yet (not surprising, as only pre-released 
> yesterday)

I just put it in my v1.5 Roadster. It seems to be working fine (iPhone app
updates, SMS stat command shows the expected values).

I can post 2.3.1 on my firmware update page as soon as you're ready for

For anyone who wants the firmware links:

2.3.1 for V1 hardware:


2.3.1 for V2 hardware:



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