[Ovmsdev] More sophisticated hardware

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Wed Apr 10 02:30:35 HKT 2013

Am 09.04.2013 12:14, schrieb Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield:
> Using the Bluetooth serial connection, it should be possible for users 
> to implement a GUI with existing smart phone technology.

Oh I forgot: yes! That's the idea behind adding Bluetooth to the 
Twizplay, they could omit the LCD and use an App as the display device.

That's really a good option I think! Would also keep cost down.

> For Twizy owners that's an added bonus. There are no door locks, and 
> getting in is as simple as reaching inside and pulling the door handle.
...that's why most Twizplay owners currently use a special quick lock 
mount just for the Twizplay -- so you need both a mount for the display 
and one for your mobile phone... bad.

> Moving forward, I think it'd be great if someone in the self-build 
> community (You may have to work with someone else) could produce a raw 
> "battery pack to OVMS" module, which enables those with converted or 
> custom EVs to use the OVMS system using a standard set of protocols 
> and Can messaging -- or perhaps direct using an add-on IO device?
That would make the OVMS an option for Ebike and Escooter drivers as 
well. I've got one of these: 

...just a simple chinese scooter, it doesn't have any data port, and 
it's only display is an analog voltage meter for the overall battery 
voltage -- you have to guess the SOC based on how deep the voltage drops 
under load.

The most simple solution would be to provide two analog I/O ports to 
feed pack voltage and current (measured as voltage difference on a 
shunt) into the OVMS. The A/D conversion should be fast enough to 
provide at least 10 ms resolution, so we can implement an Ah counter in 
software. Also some digital I/O ports should be available to measure the 
distance driven (by a reed sensor mounted to a tyre) and maybe record 
some other system status.

So, basically the same as available solutions like the "Cycle Analyst" 
or the "WattsUp" do, but with the added OVMS coolness.


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