[Ovmsdev] GPS Logs (TWIZY) -- Future Feature?

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Sat Apr 6 22:29:30 HKT 2013

Nikki, Mark,

I decided against adding the current power to the GPS log because that's 
something not defined in the general virtual car model, all other cars 
lack this feature, and I wanted to make the GPS log function fit for 
inclusion in the framework first.

I currently send the power usage log (RT-PWR-UsageStats) once per 
minute. You can correlate that to the GPS log to get the power usage of 
minute long sections, but that's a lot of manual work and not very 
detailed (e.g. for hills).

Btw: using the power collection feature, you can also measure certain 
route parts: easiest way is to turn the Twizy on just before driving the 
section, then turn the Twizy off and check the power stats message. But 
a combined GPS track would of course be far better and more accurate.

Mark, you mentioned a "kWh used" value with the driving log function, so 
I guess we can think about adding the power usage to the standard car model?

But I'm not sure yet if the way I currently collect power usages is 
suitable and sufficient as a standard. As I wrote in the docs, that's 
work in progress... any thoughts on this?


Am 06.04.2013 15:39, schrieb Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield:
> Hi folks,
> Just got the server.pl running and the client_app.pl running on my 
> Ubuntu box at home. And I've pulled down the GPS Logs for the Twizy.
> One thing that's missing, which I'd love to see in the future, is an 
> instantaneous power reading. This would enable us to not only plot the 
> course, but figure out where the most demanding part of a trip is 
> based on power drainage.
> Anyone else think it's a good idea?
> Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield
> http://about.me/aminorjourney/bio
> email: nikki at littleCollie.com
> tel: +44 7901 553308
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