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Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Wed Apr 3 09:05:30 HKT 2013


Thanks. I've updated the release notes to v2.2.6 to match what you have.

So far v2.2.6 seems good for me. CAC is working, and no more 12v alerts on the Tesla Roadster.

By the way, I'm working hard towards a stable v2.2.x. The factory is doing a new production run, and needs an up-to-date firmware to flash before shipping to Fasttech (and end-users). What we have looks good, but I just want to (a) stabilise Twizy support so that it is production-ok with existing functionality (seems ok now), (b) stabilise Volt/Ampera so that it is production-ok for monitoring functionality, and (c) get the VDS error messages reporting back from the Tesla Roadster (as well as a framework for this in other cars).

Tom's charge-time predictor code will have to wait until this v2.2.x is stable, as that will need quite a bit of testing. I'll put the code in as soon as v2.2.x is out. Now that we have CAC, it should be relatively simple.

Regards, Mark.

On 3 Apr, 2013, at 3:35 AM, Tom Saxton wrote:

> Links to the v2.2.6 firmware are now up on my firmware download page:
> http://www.idleloop.com/tesla/ovms/
> The release notes link points to the entry for v2.2.5, which is probably
> close enough.
>    Tom
> on 4/2/13 5:48 AM, Mark Webb-Johnson wrote:
>> I was getting 12v alerts in my roadster. I don't think the new logic is
>> compatible with the roadster battery behaviour.
>> Anyway, I've rolled v2.2.6 with the following changes:
>> 2013-04-02 2.2.6       Firmware 2.2.6
>>                       ## Volt Ampera fixes (from Michael)
>>                       ## Support net_fnbits NET_FN_12VMONITOR and
>> NET_FN_SOCMONITOR to allow vehicle module to control what is monitored
>> I brought in the Volt Ampera fixes pending from Michael (some changes to the
>> source of SOC).
>> I also added NET_FN_12VMONITOR and NET_FN_SOCMONITOR to net_fnbits, to allow
>> the vehicle modules to turn on/off those monitoring. I changed the vehicle
>> modules appropriately (in particular 12VMONITOR is off in the Tesla Roadster,
>> and SOCMONITOR is off in the Volt/Ampera).
>> Now testing this v2.2.6 in my car, but it will likely be 24 hours before I
>> know if it is behaving better.
>> Regards, Mark.
>> On 1 Apr, 2013, at 6:59 PM, Mark Webb-Johnson <mark at webb-johnson.net> wrote:
>>> This is now in my car, and running well.
>>> For CAC, I had:
>>> rx msg S 66,K,222,0,charging,standard,206,200,56,0,100,0,5,1,0,0,0,-1,0
>>> then, I started a charge, and now get:
>>> rx msg S 66,K,223,0,charging,standard,206,200,56,0,100,0,5,1,0,0,0,-1,15694
>>> That's what I would expect - the code will poll for latest CAC whenever (a) a
>>> charge starts, (b) the car is turned on, or (c) the car is turned off.
>>> Regards, Mark.
>>> On 1 Apr, 2013, at 5:30 PM, Mark Webb-Johnson <mark at webb-johnson.net> wrote:
>>>> Back from the brink… Good grief, there is some nasty stuff coming out of
>>>> China now.
>>>> I managed to spend some time on OVMS firmware today, and built v2.2.5.
>>>> Change log is:
>>>> 2013-04-01 2.2.5       Firmware 2.2.5
>>>>                       ### Fixes for charge notification logic on VA
>>>>                       ### Show charge, trunk and alarm notifications in
>>>> DIAG mode
>>>>                       ### Speed, parking, and general tidy-ups for VA
>>>>                       ### Switch ambient temperature to PID 0x801f for VA
>>>>                       ### Auto-calibration for 12V line reading
>>>>                       ### Twizy version 2.6.1 - power line plug-in
>>>> detection
>>>>                       ### Add car_doors5 for rear doors, frunk and 12v
>>>> charging
>>>>                       ### 12v alert by MSG protocol fix
>>>>                       ### Rework of 12V reference logic
>>>>                           - Filters out single peaks / misreadings
>>>>                           - Sends "OK" alerts if voltage level restores w/o
>>>> charging
>>>>                           - 15 minutes calmdown before taking new ref
>>>> voltage
>>>>                           - No alerts while car is on
>>>>                       ### ESS SOC DIAG (for TR)
>>>>                       ### Initial support for CAC in TR and TZ modules
>>>>                       ### Experimental Tazzari (TZ) module
>>>>                       ### Experimental Nissan Leaf (NL) module
>>>> All is in github.
>>>> I haven't run it in my car yet, but it tests out fine on the bench. It is
>>>> going into my car in a few minutes time.
>>>> Major changes are the experimental support for Tazzari, some bug fixes and
>>>> 12V work on Twizzy, and support for CAC readings in Tazzari and Tesla
>>>> Roadster (including protocol extensions to report back to apps).
>>>> Regards, Mark.
>>>> P.S. I haven't had time to make anything good for 1st April this year
>>>> (although I did consider an experimental module for Hummer support). Anyway,
>>>> please consider any bugs in this version just an April fools joke.
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