[Ovmsdev] Drupal PHP module for users maintaining their own cars

Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Tue Sep 25 19:30:33 HKT 2012

Some time ago, Manuel worked on a Drupal module for us to allow owners to maintain their own cars. Thanks, Manuel, for this.

It was back-burnered for a while, but I've finally managed to spend some time on it, learn drupal, a get it working. Drupal has an amazingly steep learning curve, and I still can't find a good basic howto on module and form development.

I've committed the code to github, and you can find it at:


The module itself is only 500 lines of PHP, and reads fairly straightforward. Could any techies out there have a review of this, and see if it looks ok? See if there is anything obviously wrong / open? My biggest concern is security. I really don't want people viewing/modifying each other's cars! I've spent some time going over it, and it seems ok, but PHP scares me.

Thanks for all your work on this. It is good to finally be close to launching it. Giving the users the ability to register and maintain their own vehicles will greatly speed up things.

Regards, Mark.
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