[Ovmsdev] Without SMS

HONDA S-2000 s2000 at sounds.wa.com
Thu Sep 20 02:38:51 HKT 2012

On Sep 18, 2012, at 18:14, Mark Webb-Johnson wrote:
> Trying to work out ways to provision OVMS modules without SMS.
> One way is the new DIAG port SETUP mode. But, that requires a RS232  
> connection to the PC (not so easy nowadays, with a USB-RS232  
> adaptor required for most laptops). Also kind of messy for v1 modules.
> The main reason I'm thinking about this is for the globalsimcard  
> provider I'm working with. They can provide SIM cards that work  
> globally for data only, with pretty good rates. Cards are good for  
> 12 month validating and can be renewed for another year for less  
> than US$10. Monthly cost should be US$1 + data, hassle free, and  
> data should be less than US$2 for most providers. If we can auto- 
> provision these, then setup should be to configure the provisioning  
> information as you want, on the server, then just plug the SIM in  
> and go.
> Every SIM card issued has a defined prefix in its ID. I'm trying to  
> find out of the globalsimcard prefix will always be the same, and  
> will always differentiate these from others. If so, then we can  
> auto-provision based on SIM ID as well (without even needing the  
> OVMS-AUTO phonebook entry).
> What do people think? How easy would it be for people nowadays to  
> create a phonebook entry on a SIM card?

This is the first feature I thought of after ordering my v2 OVMS. SMS  
is so expensive on my regular cell phone that it seems prudent to  
find a way to avoid it altogether on the OVMS. Your mention that a  
provider offers a data-only plan fits right into my line of thinking.

I have not even started yet, but I had planned on looking at the  
firmware source to see about ways to perhaps compile in these  
provisioning values. I realize that I am probably one of only a few  
customers who could deal with compiling and loading firmware, so my  
potential solution is certainly not a universal solution.

I also have access to USB serial solutions, so I'd be interested in  
non-SMS provisioning solutions that require RS-232.

As for SIM card editing, I was planning on recycling the SIM card  
from my RAZR v3. Assuming it will still power up, I anticipate that I  
could make the required entries and move the SIM card to the OVMS.

Brian Willoughby
Sound Consulting

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