[Ovmsdev] Adaptive Reporting

Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Mon Sep 17 20:00:30 HKT 2012

I've raised a bunch of github issues, to track implementation of adaptive reporting:


The current approach to GPRS reporting is:
If one or more apps are connected,
  then report everything every 1 minute
  else report everything every 10 minutes

The new approach will be:
If one or more apps are connected,
  then incrementally report changes every 1 minute
  else if charging or driving
    then incrementally report changes every 10 minutes
    else incrementally report changes every 1 hour.

The incremental part of the reporting will be done by CRC checksums on the data messages.

The change means that if you are charging, driving or an app is connected, there is no effective difference - if something changes that it will be reported. But, if the car is just sitting there switched off and not charging, with no app connected, then it will further back off to just report in changes once an hour.

The effect should be about 1/5th (estimated) the data usage if things are changing, and perhaps 1/10th (estimated) the data usage if things are not. Perhaps 2MB/month down to 200-400KB/month. Of course, the mobile providers round up connections, so that is going to reduce the actual billing impact.

I still want to report in, periodically, because if the car disconnects then at least we have the data as of worst case 1 hour before it disconnected (or 10 minutes if it was charging / driving).

Note that this doesn't affect 'keepalive'. We still have tiny OVMS protocol-level keepalives every 15 minutes, and even tinier TCP/IP keepalives every 4 minutes.

Regards, Mark.

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