[Ovmsdev] An update on OVMS Pre-Orders

Mark Webb-Johnson info at openvehicles.com
Sat Sep 15 14:42:43 HKT 2012

Open Vehicle Monitoring System
An update on OVMS Pre-Orders

Since we announced the v2 hardware, we've been inundated with pre-orders both from Tesla Roadster owners and others wanting to get this in their cars (and willing to help with the necessary CAN bus analysis and coding to achieve that).

The initial factory test production run was just 20 modules (limited primarily to make sure the production and QC were acceptable, before committing to a larger order). We sent out a dozen invitations, and shipped the first 14 units, this week. The invitations for the remaining modules in the first batch will go out in the next few minutes.

Earlier this week, we also confirmed with the factory the order for the next batch of 100 modules, and are arranging further production runs. That will be sufficient to fulfil all current pre-orders as well as have sufficient modules in stock to be able to ship next-business-day for future orders.

The factory has already completed assembly and testing of the cases, cables and antennas. What remains is the soldering of the PCBs, then QC. We expect to receive the next 100 modules within the next 7 to 14 days, and to be able to ship these out to everyone who wants one, before the end of this month (September).

We have finalised pricing for the new v2 modules. For Tesla Roadster owners, this will be:

OVMS Car Module v2		US$ 99.00
OVMS Tesla Roadster Cable	US$  7.50
OVMS GSM Antenna		US$  2.50
(all the above including air-mail shipping)

EMS shipping (to USA): 		US$ 20.00 (estimate)

TOTAL should be around US$129.00 (confirm at checkout)

Note: EMS shipping is required on this, due to the value of the goods

	[ Note that the older hand-built v1 modules were sold at US$99 (module) + US$35 (shipping) = US$134.00 total ]

To make the delivery process smoother, we've appointed a China-based on-line distributor Fast Tech to handle this for us.

We expect to be able to send out ordering details for the remaining pre-orders in about 7 to 10 days.

We apologise for the delays in this, but need to make sure that everything is in place for a smooth scaling up of production and delivery of units. The previous arrangement of Sonny and myself handling all QC, packing and logistics in our spare time was just not scaleable and led to delays in shipment. Fast Tech have committed to next-day shipping for in stock items and can deal with the packing, customs and other logistics issues much better than us.

Best Regards,

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