[Ovmsdev] 1.3.1

Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Sun Sep 2 14:45:32 HKT 2012

Car firmware 1.3.1 is in GitHub now. I built all variants to .hex files, and source is there for the adventurous. Tom: can you help setup end-user instructions of this?

All outstanding car issues recorded on github have been resolved and closed with this version.

It has been running in my car for a few days, and seems fine. I did a few different charge-interruption tests, and they all alert as expected.

I'm gonna wait a few days to allow you guys some time to try it out and report any issues (hopefully none). I'll then announce it as generally available. Due to the enhanced modem control, linear connection backup algorithm, bug fixes, and new improved notification algorithm, this will be a recommended update for all users.

Regards, Mark

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